Please see below for all new media content. We finally convinced the elusive Mister Wiggles to at least introduce himself! We've also linked the full version of Burn Child from Racine Street Studios. Enjoy!


John C Walborn is an actor and singer from Denver, Colorado (USA) with experience on stage and camera, in traditional musicals and touring bands, and recently expanding into voice-over work for animations and video games. See more detail, plus some media samples, in the categories below...


John is a classically trained actor with years of experience on stage, transitioning recently to film work under the tutelage of Benjy Dobrin Studios of Denver.

  Heer-Oh (Short - Trailer)
  David's Return (Short - Full)
  Burn Child (Short - Full)
  Bad Dog (Short - Full) (coming soon...)
  Monologues (Various) (coming soon...)


John has been singing nearly since he could speak, developing a versatile style adaptable to many genres. He spent some time in various bands in the 1990's, from rock to country, and has most recently been known to participate in karaoke tournaments and other singing competitions:

  Folsom Prison Blues (Folk / Country - Johnny Cash)
  Gel (Rock - Collective Soul)
  I'm Yours (Pop - Jason Mraz)
  Need You Tonight (Pop - INXS)
  Route 66 (Jazz - Nat King Cole)


Most recently, John has been delving into voice work for radio, video games, narration, and animation:

  Believe in Lisa (Animation)
  Gather the Legions (Video Game)
  Mission For Revenge (Video Game)
  Sorry Clementine (Advertisement)
  Mister Wiggles (Animation / Character)

Phamaly Theatre Company

John serves on the Board of Directors of the Phamaly Theatre Company with a mission to provide professional theatre opportunities and artistic development for performers with disabilities, and to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in the performing arts community.

To learn more about our theatre company, the only one of its kind in the country, please check out our official site: